Health & Vastu

Does Your Home Vastu Support your keeping Healthy?
Good health is the foremost source for leading a happy life. In Gujarati, we have an ancient saying 'Keeping Good Health is the first symbol of Happiness.' If you are not keeping good health, you would be deprived of joy even if you possess every means of comfort and luxary. With the advancement of the hectic urban life, the importance of keeping physically fit is becoming even more and more crucial.

For keeping good health, besides following a healthy life-style, we need to be dwelling in such a house that supports us in maintaining sound health. This can be examined in two ways - one, by way of avoiding conflicting energy streams and two, by way of establishing synergic arrangements in and around our home.
With the Vastu principles, we can ensure that the home accommodates us in harmony with the cosmic environmental forces. This is certainly much more than the issues concerning good ventilation and ergonomics. It is important that the vastu of the home takes care of regeneration and healing of our body and soul rather than just limit itself with only rest, protection and comfort.
Directional Harmony
The plot layout, floor level, and all the rooms should be in harmony with the flow of cosmic energies. The drawing room, kitchen, bed-room, puja room, study room and toilet should be in the right direction e.g. Drawing Room in East, Puja Room in North-East, Bed-room in South-West, Kitchen in South-East etc.


Keeping house  neat, clean
and in order would go a long way in ensuring good health for the residents of the house. The haphazardly kept objects, disorder and clutter in the home generates uneven and disscorded frequencies in the home and can create unhealthy environment. Such orderlessness and poor housekeeping has been found the cause of missfortune for the family. At times this provides abode to wandering spirits.

Windows and ventilators should be placed in such a way that allows enough of natural light and air circulation in the house. The wind-direction and the seasonal variations has to be taken care while planning ventilators. Badly directed windows and ventilators can be responsible for spreading the fumes and odour from kitchen and toilets in other rooms of the house. Don't forget to keep the ventilators free from birds nests.