As soon as one steps into spirituality; a very great Goal is posed before one. This is to get emancipation, Moksha, Mukti or Nirvana.. We normally take this as believed and never think about it consciously.

When we ask an aspirant : "what is this liberation about ?" "to get freed from the cycle of Birth and Death.." we get the answer.

So many believe The purpose of life is to get freed from Birth and Death..

Now if we try to convert this scenario to a everyday event; say there is a 400 mtrs. running race. Let us ask a contestant "why are you running the race ? What would we feel if we get an answer like this : "Just to get out of the race " ? I know you will laugh at the answer and ridicule the person..

Let us also assess this notion in another way. We all believe that God is our Master and He only controls our life in the world. Now, visualize what God would think of us when we aspire for emancipation..? Do you think we are wiser than God..? How can be try to defeat His scheme and purpose of deploying us in the world..?

Suppose you deploy a labour on construction of your house and you assign him a job of digging ground for construction of the foundation. Now, if after a while if you find him just sitting with his hands and legs folded.. how would you feel.. If he justifies that he is trying to attain Moksha.. renunciation... liberation.. since this activity is full of pain and miseries..."what would you do? I know you will kick him out the next moment..