abc of spirituality 4

It is the function of Our Ego to exercise discretion out of the feelings of the heart and logical dual arguments presented by the mind. The Ego has its own image about its (false) identity. It is made up of summation of all experiences it has enveloped with social norms and values. No wonder, therefore, that the Ego cannot afford to accept and adopt the higher qualities like selfless love, compassion, patience, equality, faith etc. It only keeps these qualities for display and secure its false esteem. When Ego faces a situation where it might have to exercise higher qualities; it experience a great crisis of losing its self-worth. Ultimately, it puts forward some worldly excuses like ‘being practical’ etc. and would reject the options presented by heart.

It is always almost impossible or at least very hard for the Ego to accept that it suffers from certain deficiencies and that it needs to learn something. Expressing ‘Sorry’ is very very painful for the Ego. And the funny thing is, Ego always portrays that it is down to earth..!!

The souls who have karmic dues with another person and has accepted to teach and learn from this person approaches him/her during the life time. This is done through interactions. These souls are called soulmates. However, such souls are also subject to constraints of the world and may not be perfect in their dealings.

Rather than learning something from the approaching Soulmate, our ego tries to establish its dominance. It tries to reject and would counter any suggestion about need to learn something. On the contrary it will abuse the other of being Judgmental.

On the other hand, if the degree of the spirit of the interacting soulmate is higher, his/her behavior would be quite different. Where other worldly relatives pamper the Ego; such evolved soulmates would strike at the Ego. 
It has nothing to do with the Ego and would not pamper. It is concerned with only imparting necessary lessons through interaction. Guided with the purpose, it would strive hard to get the other person convinced about higher qualities.. it can go to any extent to pursue even if it has to do it at the cost of his own self-esteem. The soulmates approaches us inspired with the wishes of settlement of past Karmic dues and to learn and evolve.

So, now you can make out what this pain is all about…. It is nothing but the conflict between the heart and the mind / ego. It is not very easy for mind and ego to understand the purpose of the pure soul and to get ready to pay the karmic dues. Their capacity to imbibe the virtues remains too low.

However, if you can observe the happenings of life in a neutral manner, with some efforts you can be able to take out some lessons:
· Not to react quickly. Mostly the preconceived notions prove wrong.
· Not to allege other people foolishly.
· Patience is a virtue we need to develop from such events.
· Not to expect other person to respond to your emotions in the same way. Because, you might need some tough treatment so that you can learn a particular thing.
· Appreciate that every person’s way of expressing love could be different.

Here again, even after you know all this things and that you understand the reasons; how far you will be able to implement into behaviour depends upon:

· At what level of evolution, the two soulmates interact.
· Interference created by the free-will
· the volume and kind of balance Karmic dues
· The virtues yet to be learnt

However, once the lessons are learnt and the Karmic dues have been settled between particular soulmates, there shall not be any pain.